Skype Sex - Andy Biersack Imagine

Can you do one with Andy for me? Like he is on tour and you guys are skyping and things take a turn for the smut

Sorry it was so short and crappy!

You heard the familiar ringing from Skype on your computer. You ran over, knowing it was Andy. You opened your laptop and accepted the call.

“Hey babe!” You grinned widely when you saw Andy’s face.

“Hey Andy! How’s tour?” You asked.

“It’s fine. I miss you terribly though. I miss holding you and kissing you.”

“I miss you too. Our bed feels so empty without you.” You said.

“I also miss fucking you.” Andy said. You were sure you heard him undo his zipper. You saw his hardened member spring from his tight jeans. He wrapped his hand around it and started stroking it. You couldn’t help but get turned on immensely. Your hand found its way into your panties and rubbed your clit. You moaned, and Andy’s head snapped back to the computer screen, looking at you. He smirked.

“I want you to start fingering yourself, and imagine your fingers are my dick.” Andy said between moans. You did as he said, and closed your eyes. You imagined Andy was hovering over you, thrusting into you. You pumped you fingers in and out of yourself and you moaned. You heard Andy moan on the other side of the call, and you knew he was close.

“Andy, I’m close babe…” You said. He grunted in response, and you sped up your fingers. You heard a loud groan on the other side as Andy released, and hearing that triggered your own orgasm.

“I love you so much Y/N. Thanks for this.” Andy said, smiling.

“No problem. Now I gotta go take a shower. Text me! I love you!” you said.

“I love you too!” Andy said before hanging up.

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